Saturday, July 10, 2010

Arm Story Continues

Where was I?...

So my mom drops me off at home after the doctor's appointment and goes to get my prescription at Wallgreens. She comes back a while later with topical ointment but no antibiotics. Apparently
Linezolid costs 376 dollars when one has no insurance and has to pay the full amount.
Did I mention I currently have no insurance? Every doctor trip has spent me somewhere between $64 and $174, depending on whether I get a shot of not, and so far I've had two shots in my butt, woo hoo.

So...Wallgreens calls Garrison's office asking if they could prescribe one of the other medicines. My mother also calls Garrison's and both get nothing but voice mail with a guarantee to respond to our messages within 72 hours.

So I go without Antibiotics that evening because the doctor told me to stop taking the sulfameth blah blah blah since it wasn't working and my mom wasn't about to shell out $300 for any pills. I didn't sleep in very much ease that night.

At the appointment the next morning I get another shot in the butt and the Doctor tells me that I really have to get the linezolid prescription because it's one of the best for fighting MRSA.

Coincidentally as my appointment ends a nurse hands the doctor the results of my MRSA test which confirms that it is indeed MRSA in my arm and gives a list of all the antibiotics I am resistant to. Linezolid is right near the top of the list.
Good to have those results before I spent like $376.
I wasn't resistant to the sulfameth one so what she decided to do was keep me on those and double it up with clindamycin for good measure. I don't really get it...if the sulfa stuff didn't do shit before other than make me sick WHY should I keep it as part of my medication?

I've followed the doctor's orders thus far and my arm hasn't built up that much puss and what has been there has been draining out like it should. Beyond that I'm just waiting for the redness and swelling to go away entirely. For the wound to close back up after draining everything it can. And an extra 48 hours after it's all done for the MRSA bug to die off.

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